Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paint, Paint and More Paint, Plus a Table

We bought our house from a real estate company.  All the "improvements" done around here were done for the short term goal of flipping it.  It isn't all bad, we got decent tile and carpet out of the deal however to cover up the imperfections in the drywall work they used flat paint through out the entire house.  Its horrible!  

Flat paint not only seems to absorb everything that touches it, its next to impossible to clean, as it comes off the walls when wiped.  This does not work in a house filled with little boys!  

So we're slowly but surely repainting.  We started in our half bath (which I don't have any pictures of right now) with a semi gloss grey.  Its so nice to be able to wipe little finger prints off the walls in there!  

Next we tackled our dining room. Originally this wasn't high on our painting priority list, however our short family had grown weary of climbing our bar height dining room table so we began looking for something less vertically challenging.  We were browsing when we found something that we not only love but is very practical for our expanding family (we can fit all four little boys on one bench with plenty of wiggle room).  We hadn't planned to buy so soon but right after we found our new table it went on sale for 50% off!  We couldn't even find a better deal on craigslist so we jumped on it!  

This purchase inspired Jed to paint an accent wall behind it.  The color makes me happy!

Jed was on a painting roll so he went ahead and painted the kitchen which desperately needed it!  The walls behind the oven and sink were spattered with grease.  Oh how I love glossy paint!    

This weekend Jed tackled the living room accent wall with a lovely green.  I didn't think we'd get to this project quite yet, as I assumed that we'd have a newborn, at this point. This is now, my longest pregnancy and unlike her big brothers, Isla doesn't seem at all anxious to leave her cozy home!  At least while we're waiting on her we're getting stuff done!  

Eventually, we plan to do all the non accent walls in a neutral color we've chosen but with our high ceilings and open floor plan that is going to be quite the extended project!  

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