Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost A Week

This morning I was in the shower thinking (the only time I have a little solitude to do so) about being 34 weeks pregnant.  I've had my last two babies at 38 weeks exactly so while I don't want to get my hopes up I still have to prepare myself for the possibility that we'll have a baby in just 4 weeks!  I made a list of things in my head that I still need to do like, set up the pack and play in our room so she's not sleeping in a laundry basket her first night home like Ford.  I also need to pick out her coming home outfit, preferably footed pj's with a zipper, not buttons.  The list goes on.  

Then I began thinking about my next appointment which is next week and what I wanted to go over with my midwife.  That's when I panicked as I remembered that my appointment had been set up specifically for my 36th week of pregnancy!  How could next week be my 36th week if I had just reached 34 weeks yesterday?!!  I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair as quickly as I could so I could hop out of my shower to check the calender.  I ran/waddled to my computer and counted down the weeks and to my dismay, instead of 6, I only counted 5.  HOLY CRAP!  I just lost a week of pregnancy, well, at least in my head.  

Some people would be excited to find out that they're further along than they thought. Not me.  I'm freaking out!  Not only do I have one less week to prepare for her arrival, I'm also now that much closer to the physical act of bring her into the world without pain meds.  Yikes!  

So this is what happens when you mix pregnancy brain with an already disorganized mother of four. Thank you, hormones and genetics, for working so thoroughly against me!

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