Monday, April 23, 2012

36 weeks

Well, tomorrow I'll be 37 weeks pregnant but this is the only recent pregnancy picture I have. 

Picture back story: the night before I had lower back pain and contractions for about an hour, just as I was about to wake Jed up and call my midwife it stopped.  I was disappointed and relieved.  

I was most stressed out that I'd have our little girl before we had taken pregnancy pictures!   To make sure that she'd have at least one picture of this pregnancy, the next day when Jed walked in the door from work, I threw on a clean shirt, took my hair out of my standard ponytail and tossed my camera at my husband. Not glamorous but really what is when you're 8 months pregnant!  

We're hoping to do pregnancy/family pictures tonight after Jed gets home... that is if I have the energy to get all four boys and myself ready!  We shall see!  

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