Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Ford

First things first the boys put on their matching Michigan shirts to get the party started! 
Happy Boys
 Mad/Crazy Boys
 Daddy couldn't keep a straight face!
 Time to open presents.
The first two were from Evan and Seth, they picked out some of their own toys to give to Ford.  Beanie babies!  
 Then he got a golf set and wasn't sure what it was.  
 When he figured it out he was beyond excited.   
 "Cake" time!!  
We discovered a new doughnut shop in town a couple months ago, they carry these beauties.  Oh yeah, that's a maple bacon donut, ah-mazing!  
 You can't just lick them all!  You have to blow out the candle first! 
 There you go!  Notice big brother "helping".  
 Don't mind if I do. 
 Take the biggest bite you can boys! 
 I saw daddy doing it, it must be good! 
 Oh the horror! 
Get it out! 
 Not to be one to learn from other's mistakes...
 he gives it a try and..
Happy second birthday little man!  

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