Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jed bought a Nerf machine gun this weekend, it was on sale at Target, how could he pass up an opportunity like that...   Anyway after bring it home, he set it up in the hallway.  I kept Evan, Seth and Kane distracted in their bedroom.  When he was ready I had the boys walk out where they were ambushed by their father launching round after round of darts at them.  The boys squealed with delight, then they gathered up all the darts so their dad could shoot them again.  Hours of fun were had before the gun was carefully stashed away so little hands couldn't destroy it before my husband, I mean the boys, had another chance to play with it.  

 Yesterday the boys and I were out later than usual running errands and Jed beat us home.  We were all excited when we saw daddy's car in the driveway.  After unlocking the front door I was quickly pushed passed.  As I finally made it inside I noticed the house was pitch black with sheets over the windows and lights that wouldn't switch on.  As my eyes began to adjust, fireworks went off in the dining room and  darts began flying by.  

It's official, I live in a man cave.

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Katie said...

How fun and hilarious!