Monday, September 19, 2011

Bocca Felice

 When we camp at Amelia Island we always head to the downtown area to window shop.  Our first time there we came upon a cupcake shop that had just opened.  The flavors sounded amazing and the cakes looked even better!  However after forking over the $3-$4 a pop we quickly discovered they were dried out, and didn't taste much like what was promised.  Barring the Dessert Lady, most places tend to be like this!  For someone who used to go to graduation parties in high school just to taste test the cakes, this is a huge disappointment!

So when my sister in law started Bocca Felice, her cupcakery, I was a little skeptical.  I will admit her pictures and flavor lists were enticing though, such as the funnel cake cupcake and the waffle cupcake.  Those sounded delicious but I had been burned so many times, I just couldn't get my hopes up!

Let me tell you though, she has pulled it off!  I've never tasted a more delicious cupcake!  They're moist, light and perfectly flavored!  In one afternoon I ate at least 3.

My only disappointment was that I didn't have a chance in my short visit to try other flavors!  Oh but that'll be remedied when she visits for spring break this coming year! She thinks I'm joking when I tell her that she'll be spending most of her time in my kitchen baking but seriously, I'm not.  

I'm sorry I ever doubted you Becca!

Ok, excuse me while I go make cupcakes from a box and cry.  :)

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