Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cold Cuts For Everyone

Seth: "I know that God is three persons!"

Jed: "You're right, what are their names?"

Seth: "Um...."

Evan: "I know!"

Jed: "Ok, go ahead."

Evan: "Ok, the deli father... the spirits.. and I forget the last one."

Me and Jed: (tried to hold it in but laughing to the point of tears.)

(The boys are laughing too.)

Evan: "What are you guys laughing at?"

Jed: "You meant to say the Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus."

Evan: "Oh yeah.  That is really funny!"

Later while cleaning up dinner.

Jed: (whispering) "I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help it."

Me: (whispering also) "I knew there wasn't any hope so I gave in."

Jed: "I know.  I was just thinking, who wouldn't want to worship the deli god? (shouting now) Cold cuts for everyone!"

Evan: "Yeah, I want cold cuts!  What are cold cuts?"

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