Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shamu's Happy Harbour

We made another trip to Sea World on our annual passes! We spent most of our time in the kiddie area with rides that all the boys except Ford of course can go on when accompanied by an adult. Jed and I took turns riding with the boys.

We finished off the day with the Killer Whale show. We left just before the show ended to beat the crowds out of the park. The boys were pretty wiped out at that point so to give them incentive to make their way across the park quickly I told them if they didnt whine we'd give them a piece of candy when we got home. Well, that really inspired them and they took off running. Seth tripped and fell twice and the second fall was the last straw he sat one the ground crying and lamenting, "Why... do... I... always.... FFFAAALLLL? Wwwwhhhyyyy?" As I collected my sons ragdoll body from the ground (he decided to go limp for extra dramatic effect) I tried to comfort him while holding back my giggling and pushing Ford in his stroller. It was awesome.

Some entertainment.

Evan was the only one tall enough to go on the Shamu coaster so Jed and I both took a turn riding it with him. Jed is really looking forward to the boys being big enough to go on real roller coasters with him and I'm just hoping one of them will want to continue going on the little rides with me. :)

This was one of the first rides the boys went on. Kane begged to go so Jed took him.

Surprise, it goes a lot higher and drops a lot faster than expected.

Kane was not pleased.
He got over it though and went on a few more rides that were less scary.

Ford and me waiting for the Shamu show.


Absolutcusi said...

You look beautiful sitting with Ford :)

Chaeli said...

Kane looks entirely way too small to be riding that ride, what a brave kid!!!