Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Dedication

Since Kane was sick last year we had two to dedicate this past Sunday. Oddly enough Ford was just at the tail end of getting over a bug. We went to the dedication and then left church since we didnt want to put him in childcare and get others sick.
I am not comfortable standing in front of crowds in fact my brain tends to shut down in these situations so, sadly, I have no memory of what was going on.
Whats so funny?
I have no idea.
Basically all I remember is the flash from the camera going off a few times....
Oh and snuggling with my sick little guy.

Both boys got their first bibles! Afterwards I was looking at Kanes and found that he must have tried to gnaw the packaging off of his during the dedication. At least he's excited about his new bible right?!

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