Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Blake!

While in North Carolina we got to celebrate our nephew's third birthday! We've been to a number of the older cousin's birthday parties but I dont think the boys have ever been to one of their younger cousins birthday's! It was Spiderman themed to boot!

Probably the best part for Jed and I, though, was the time spent in Target a few weeks ago trying out all the toys to find a toy with all the following criteria:


-Lots o' buttons

-Relentlessly loud

-No off switch

-Really hard to get the batteries out

-Did I mention the loudest toy possible?

We got a lot of weird looks as we played with toys and laughed hysterically but it was worth it.
Your Welcome, Jessie and Nate.

The Birthday Boy!


Really getting into it.

Mmmm, cupcakes

Really getting into those cupcakes.

Taking a moment for presents!

Pinata time!

Evan and Spiderman have a love/hate relationship, the latter comes out when Spiderman is hording candy in his... chest?.... bust?... hmm... I dont know how exactly to end that sentence.

Really getting into Pinata time.

Yo, Jon, you know this is a 3 year old's party, right?

Just kidding with ya, Jonny, please dont come after me with that bat.

Candy exits Spiderman's innards= Mission accomplished!

Sad, Spiderman.

Sweet Sofe, the odd girl out.

Its ok, she's got gum.

"Aunt Laine, I know it looks like candy but when I chew it, its gum. No, really its gum, not candy, watch. "

While I watched Sofie chew, the boys drove off in the John Deere with their loot.

Thanks for turning 3 Blake!
Love, Uncle Jed, Aunt Laine, Evan, Seth, Kane & Ford

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