Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Our first day was spent here. The older boys loved it.

Kane needed some encouragement and reassurance.

Ford, he slept pool side.

Day two: Sea World.

Day three and for the rest of our vacation we were blessed with a cabana! Seriously there's no better word to describe it than blessed. They brought us a bucket of ice for our drinks, we had a shady place to eat lunch and somewhere for Ford to nap. It was lovely!

It was no where near the splash area, though, so the boys had to make due with the plain old pool. I know you feel bad for them. However, a nice woman who was leaving the resort donated a blow up jet ski to us. I wont mention names but someone decided that the kiddie toy could withstand a grown man jumping on it. Unfortunately, he was wrong and the top popped.

Seth is a glass half full kind of kid and turned the broken toy into a "surf board".

Then he Wiped Out!

Gnarly dude!

Mommy, are you laughing at me?

Kane learned his lesson watching his older brother and clung on for dear life.

Then our cue to head back to our room for afternoon naps arrived.

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