Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zippity Do Da

Jed and I went on a date yesterday and we went to the... wait for it... zoo. Hahaha! The zoo has a zip line course thats new-ish so when Jed lined up a babysitter I suggested we try it out.

Harnessed up!

Hooking up to the safety line.

Once were we going through our first obstacle on the course I was wondering why I recommended this activity.

The woman who's terrified of heights is walking across logs strung 20 feet up in the air that sway with every move she makes. Sweet.

I would have given up but once I got to the next platform the only way to get down was to go back and there was no way I was walking across the logs again. NO WAY!

So we pressed on. Oh and Jed was having a ball, except the part where he had to wait for slow poke (a.k.a. me).

Then we came to this. Yeah, I almost cried. My wonderful husband though, coached and encouraged me across. He's the best!

Finally we came to the first zip line which I dont have any pictures of. Jed did take video but I will not be sharing it for 2 reasons. 1. Despite multiple attempts to tuck my shirt into the harness to keep it from riding up it still went up, waaaayyy up and I'm not about to share that online. 2. (as if reason # 1 isnt reason enough) My behavior "pre-zipping" is completely erratic and embarrassing.

I can tell you that I did it! Yay! However afterwards I partly blacked out, as in things were going dark. Boo! That is until, Jed and the instructor on the ground both reminded me to keep breathing so I did. Problem solved. Yay!

I got off to a rocky start but the first zip line seemed to be the beginning of me getting over my fears and actually enjoying myself! Four more zip lines and multiple obstacles later, I still hadn't passed out and we were considering taking on the second course which is even higher and described as "more difficult". Sadly sunlight was fading.

Next time.

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