Thursday, June 13, 2013


Last week I watched my nephew while my sister and her boyfriend went kayaking! 

We had so much fun and he's just the sweetest and most chill baby! 

The boys "taught" him how to play with Isla's toys. 

Gave him rides.

Snuggled him.

Kissed him. 

Soothed him. 

Carried him. 

Read to him.

And of course fed him!  

All in all they enjoyed having another little (or not so little) dude in the house. 

Isla and Oakley have a slightly different relationship. While Oakley is younger, he's now much larger so Isla isn't sure what to make of him.  
Um, you're huge. 

Yet so... immobile.  

This is awkward mom! 

I'm sure one day they'll be best buds!  

He easily bonded with Gwen though! "Mmmm, you smell like food, I must lick you!" And she did. 

Come back and visit us any time Oakley! 

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I wish you would do more postes!!!