Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dam Camping

We went camping this weekend. We made our way out to a campground near the Ocala National Forest, otherwise known as hillbilly country.  I sometimes forget how suburbanized (I just made up a word there) we are here but a quick trip out into the sticks is a good reality check.  

It was a great trip.  The site we had was in a perfect spot for our family, the rangers were pretty lax patrolling (read: the dogs didn't have to be kept on a leash the entire time), town was only 15 minutes away and we were near a dam with lots of cool areas to explore.  

The lake created by the dam had beautiful sand beaches (the water was disgusting though) that were littered with driftwood. We didn't see any rules about taking the driftwood so we snagged a few pieces for our fire and a few for home decor!  

Kane was convinced at one point that the beach was covered in spiders (scrubby grass) and flipped out.  It was like this summer, when we were on our road trip and he became terrified of being outside.  He screamed and screamed as Jed, Jay and I all took turns attempting to work him through it.  We tried the loving approach, the rational approach, the stern approach and finally the abandonment approach.  As we all left him and continued down the beach (still able to see him of course and close enough to reach him if he suddenly lost his mind and took off for the water, which I knew was a possibility with Kane considering its, well, Kane) he kicked his tantrum into high gear before slowly moving towards us.  When he reached us we were throwing sticks into the water/mud and he was soon distracted from his spider obsession. 

Later as he was climbing over a huge pile of driftwood with his brothers he shouted, of course while giggling, "This is the most fun day of my life!"  We'll be looking into a possible bipolar diagnosis at his next doctors appointment.:)

Well, I would end this with some pictures but I lost the USB cord for my camera around Christmas time and last week Ford decided to chuck my iphone into my coffee.  So this blog will be picture-less until the USB cord that I ordered on Amazon arrives.  

And if you need to get a hold of me try email, facebook or if you have his number call Jed.  


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