Friday, January 27, 2012

A Tour (As requested by my mom)

Since our family lives so far away the only way they'll see our new home anytime soon is via pictures posted here.  So I thought I'd take you on a little tour.

  I started with the upstairs.    
This is the view from the top of the stairs into the great room. We're using it as the playroom for now. 

 The hallway to the boys rooms. 

 Evan and Seth's room.  Bare bones for now, eventually we'll jazz it up.  Kane's room is identical and right next door, I didn't take a picture of it b/c his bed is still in pieces and we have lots to figure out in his room.  But it looks a lot like this but with a toddler mattress on the floor. :) 

 Upstairs bath, this is the vanity area, which is very narrow but I love having two sinks!  Oh and a five month pregnant, pre-shower, me.  

Toilet/bath area with a pocket door.  Very nice so if one of the boys is showering or using the potty the others can still get ready using the mirror and sinks!   

 Fordster's room, aka, the catch all room.  We're still trying to figure out how we fit into our new home and we don't have an attic or basement so a lot of stuff ends up here for now.  Eventually this will be "baby girl's" room and Ford will move in with Kane.

This is what the boys are capable of doing when I'm distracted with, well, anything for 30 seconds or more.

Now back downstairs. 
The stairs and tv. 

Living room and the boys watching tv. 

This hallway leads to the garage, laundry room, the half bath and our bedroom.  I would have taken a picture of our room but it needs a lot of work still and I'd rather wait until its ready!  

My cluttered kitchen, there is no doubt that we live in our home!  The enormous pantry is to the left there.  

The dining room.  Jed just put in the ceiling fan a week ago and we can finally have dinner at the table (previously there wasn't a light in that part of the room and it was too dark)!   

The backyard.  To the left and off in the distance is the community playground and swimming pool.  

And to give you a little perspective on how close our neighbors are, there's their back porch! 

There you have it!  Now someone come and visit so we have a reason to get the bedrooms ready for guests! :) 

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