Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby Belly

Before my appointment. 

Kane:  "Mommy can I take a bath?"

Me:  "Not right now, mommy has to go to the doctors but maybe when I get home."

Kane: "Why do you have to do to the doctors?"

Me: (patting my stomach) "They're going to check on the baby."

Kane: (his eyes as big as saucers staring at my belly) "WHY IS YOUR BELLY SO BIG?!" (as if he hadn't seen me in weeks)

Me: (laughing) "Because the baby is in there and its growing bigger and bigger everyday!"

Kane: "Can I see your belly?" (Lifting my shirt, then gently patting my belly while smiling and cooing at it)

Me: "The baby and my belly will get bigger until the baby comes out and then you'll have a new baby brother or sister!"

Kane:  "I cant wait to say hi to it!"

Me: "Me either."

Kane: "Mom, I'm going to grow and grow too until I get to go into your tummy one day."

 Me: "Sweetheart that's not how it works, you've already been in my belly before you were born."

Kane: "I was?!"

Me: "Yup."

Kane: "Oh I know, I am going to have a baby in my belly when I get big!"

Me: (taking a second to decide whether to correct him for the thousandth time) "Cool."

After my appointment.

Kane: (running to me as I walk in the door)  "Did they take the baby out? Where is it? Where is it?"

Me: "Kane I told you they weren't taking it out yet, it has to keep growing."

Kane: (holding my belly) "Hurry up baby and get big!"

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