Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Tooth

On Tuesday Evan lost his first tooth.

It was just about nap time, Evan and Seth were hanging out, Seth was grouchy, Evan called him out for being grouchy, Seth told him he wasn't, Evan insisted he was, it went back and forth a few times, Seth got angry and punched Evan in the mouth. Evan punched Seth in the stomach. They both ran to me crying. As they were trying to out tattle each other all I could see was Evan's blood streaked face. Once I realized the only open wound Evan had was where his tooth use to be I gave Evan a napkin, told them both to chill out and sent them to take naps.

After seeing all that blood I was so relieved that I wasn't going to the ER I couldn't even lecture them, let alone discipline them!

Evan put his tooth under his pillow and got a dollar from the "mommy/daddy fairy" which he loved even though he initially requested, "some kind of sweet food, ya know, like candy or ice cream".

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