Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sunday

We opened the pool for the first time this year!

Evan took to the water like a fish.

I tried to convince Seth he didn't need his floaties anymore, considering he can touch in the shallow end, although barely.

While in the middle of the pool, standing on his tip toes he tried to swim lifting his feet from the bottom. He sunk like a rock, I dont think he was kicking or paddling, he thought he'd magically float to the top. He panicked. He went under. Hysterical flailing. I went in, fully clothed. Sigh.
I asked him why he didn't kick or paddle or perhaps even put his feet back down and stand up.

He wailed. And wailed.

I picked him up and held him for a while.

Then I let him go inside and take a shower.

Before the traumatic experience the boys had some watermelon.

Here are Evan and Seth enjoying their snack and Kane well being Kane.

Here's hoping for some better memories in the coming months of the pool!

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