Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Over Due Update

Jed has been bugging me about blogging for the last week. He likes to have something to read on his lunch break at work. I told him that I didn't have anything to blog about. He told me I was crazy and to think about the last week. While it has been busy, its not exactly interesting. For memory sake ( since mine decided to take a vacation about 7 years ago) I'll do "quick" list.

Cleaning Evan's school. (Its kind of a co op situation)

Seth's zoo field trip.

Evan's field trip to the Springs (this is the only thing I did without Ford and Kane in tow!). Oh and my camera died right after we got there so I didn't get a good picture of the boys tubing down the river. Boo!

A kindergarten ice cream party, with me as the chaperon. Ford was determined to destroy the classroom!

A Kindergarten program where Evan's class presents to us what they learned and welcomed Seth's incoming class for next year. (At least I got a two for one deal here!)

Jed's parents came for a visit.

Two more of Ford's teeth came in which may or may not have caused a fever and excessive grumpiness!

Trip to Yalaha bakery. The berry fields were open for picking so I took the boys out to get some organic blueberries, YUM! Of course true to their personalities, Evan meticulously picked every ripe berry from the bush before moving on to the next, Seth ran from plant to plant indiscriminately grabbing berries and for every berry Kane but in the bucket he snuck two in his mouth.

Joseph's graduation ceremony. Read: Jed's parents and me (Jed "had to work".... sure, Jed, sure :)) wrestling Kane and Ford for a couple hours waiting for Joe's class of 800+ to walk across the stage. So proud of Joe though! I can't believe he's going to be in college!

Seth's graduation program.

Two trips to the beach in 3 days.

Trip to the Sugar Mill for pancakes. I don't know what's in their pancakes but they are Ah-mazing! I can't believe it had been over 3 years since we'd gone!

Not only attending Joseph's grad party but cooking and delivering some of the food.

It's like schools try to cram every big event into the month of May, its exhausting when you have more than one kid, not to mention nieces or nephews. Seth has one more day of school and we're DONE! Looking forward to a nice relaxing summer break. Trying not to think about the nightmare that is next school year's schedule with both boys going to school across town with different pick up times. I'm going to ignore that and enjoy 2 months off!

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