Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camping At Ormond

The Highlights
-Before we left Kane started officially crawling on hands and knees, he's a lot faster now!
-There is a burn ban b/c of  the dry weather and potential for wildfires.  That was a big bummer.
-Because of the burn ban we werent able to make our planned dinner on Friday night so we headed into town for Chick-fil-a where the boys were absolutely spoiled!  One of the workers fell in love with Evan and Seth so she gave them free soda, ice cream and they got to meet and take pictures with one of the cows.
-We went to Walmart and bought rummikub to play after the kids were in bed. 
-Kane didnt sleep well Friday night so neither did I but it was nice when Jed got all three boys up in the morning and took them outside to let me sleep in!
-Saturday we visited 4 different state parks, having a wonderful picnic lunch at one.
-We were able to watch some "soldiers" shoot guns and a canon.
-We explored a sugar mill ruin.
-During the heat of the day we went to Target to enjoy the air conditioning and I'm pretty sure I witnessed a girl shoplifting a bathing suit.  I was weighed down by three kids (Jed was else where in the store) and couldnt make it to an employee before the girl left.
-We hunted for crabs on the intercoastal.
-We made dinner and smores over our camping stove. 
-Sunday morning we went for the most beautiful ride I've ever been on in Florida.  Forests, rivers, beach and ocean, it was awesome!
-We visited Washington Oak Garden State Park.  So pretty!  After we toured the garden area we headed to the intercoastal area and sat for a long time letting the boys play by the water while we watched people fish and boats drive by.  It was nice until the largest yacht I've ever seen came by going extremely fast sending giant waves to the shore.  I thought it was going to sweep the boys out to sea but fortunately we were able to get them out of the way fast enough!  One of the most terrifying moments of my life! 
-On our way back to our campground we stopped at a different campground, Gamble Rogers, thats actually on the beach.  We wanted to check it out to see if we thought we'd ever want to camp there and it was the perfect place to also take the boys for a swim. 
-We got back to our campsite and spent a couple hours relaxing before we packed up and headed home. 
-Got home, unpacked and set Kane's pack and play up in his own room instead of ours!
The next time we go camping will be this summer for 8 days with Jed's entire family in Virginia.  Then we wont go again until the fall when it cools down. 
Tomoka State Park Camping 067
Evan, Tammy, Seth and Mr. Cow. 
Evan loves smelling flowers.
Testing the waters.
Sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) baby boy!
Me and my baby.
Evan marveled at the huge fish in the ponds.

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