Monday, April 20, 2009

He's Mobile

Its not exactly a crawl so much as a scoot.  Also it takes a really long time for him to make progress but its definitely mobility!  He starts off in one spot and about 5 minutes later he's made it about 10 feet.  Its hilarious to sit down and watch him do it, he struggles and grunts but he loves it.  The weird thing is he almost always ends up under the poang chair where he gets stuck and starts crying.  Its too the point that when I hear him crying I think to myself, "Oh he must be under the chair."  This makes Kane our earliest "crawler" beating Evan out by a couple of weeks.  Also he has made progress in the food department!  I've been trying to get him to eat baby food for about a month now but he hated it!  He would spit everything out and then start crying so for awhile I gave up.  Then yesterday while I was at church with Evan (Jed stayed home with Seth and Kane b/c Seth was sick) Jed fed Kane baby cereal and he gobbled it all up.  This morning I gave him cereal and mashed up banana and he ate all of it and wanted more!  Yippee, now I get to start making more baby food and trying out new stuff like peas, beans and apples!  Yay!
This is where he started out and ten minutes later...
here!  See how he's up on all fours, he does like an inch worm move!  He wasnt very motivated this morning so he didnt go very far.
And here he is stuck under/next to the chair.  This was yesterday and as I'm typing he's in the same spot but hasnt started crying, yet.
I scored this on Saturday at a garage sale for five bucks!  I know its girly but my boys love to fake cook and I havent been able to find a blue kitchen set, especially not for $5!  The boys dont notice anyway. 

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