Friday, May 1, 2009

Kane at 7 Months

Here's a list of things Kane refuses to eat:
-sweet potato
-baby cereal
He starts gagging as soon as they go in his mouth and then most of it comes shooting back out.  I've tried to be persistent in offering him these things but I end up wasting food and making a huge mess.  I'm going to give up on those things for a little while and try reintroducing them later.
Things that Kane will eat:
-Instant oatmeal
-ice cream
He has banana almost every night at dinner time, I put him in his booster seat mash part of one up and let him play with/eat it.  It keeps him quiet so we can all eat together as a family which is nice.  He had ice cream for the first time the other night when we went to Brusters with Jay and Jamie and they snuck him a taste.  He was surprised by the cold but loved it!  That being said he still prefers milk over anything else and thats what his diet mostly consists of.  Unfortunately he's getting his bottom two teeth in and I'm not sure what to do about that.  I've never breastfed a baby with teeth ( Evan and Seth didnt get theirs until much later) and I'm a little bit afraid to.  Even without teeth it hurts when he bites which he's been doing quite a bit for the last month.  I really didnt want to switch over to formula this early but on a positive note he's holding his own bottle! 
In other news, I'm down to 110lbs!  Thats how much I weighed before Kane was born, oddly enough I still dont fit into my pre-Kane clothes. :(  Oh well, it'll happen eventually.  I hope. 

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