Thursday, November 12, 2015

Daddy Needs to Make One of Those

Jed started building the fourth bedroom upstairs.  All the walls are up and the door is in which is good enough until we have help and more time to finish it.  We moved Isla in a few days ago and today I moved Celia in with her.  When she saw the pack and play she was beyond excited.

Isla: "Mom, is Celia going to sleep in my room with me?!!" (she literally squealed this) 

Me: "We're going to try it out tonight!"

Isla: "OH, MY G.O.S.H!! But wait! I don't have one of those things for her to sleep in!"  

Me: "Her pack and play is right there."

Isla: "No, no, no. I don't have one of those tiny rooms in my room where babies come from. Daddy has to build one for me. Then Celia can stay in there and be my baby and God can put a new baby in the tiny room in your room. YES!  Ohhhh I can't wait for us to both have babies! I'll have Celia and you'll have a new girl baby!!" 

Me: "Um.... do you mean a closet?" 

Isla: "Yessss a tiny closet for babies!!  I need one!" 

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