Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Typical Conversation

 Isla: "Mom, you never bewieve what I saw!! You. Wiw Not. Bewieve. It.

Me: "What did you see?"

Isla: "I saw, I sawwwwwww, A. KING. SNAKE!!  It was out in da road and I run away from it."

Me:  "You did the right thing running away from it!"

Isla: "I know. And den I go to it and said, 'Oh snake. Oh snake'" (she knelt down and pet an imaginary snake) "It was a dead snake.  It said, 'Sssss' At me!"

Me: "Really, the dead snake said, 'Ssss.'?!"

Isla: "Yes!! And it's orange.  Den I shot it wif my bonen arrow but it was actually my gun so... yeah. And it was my gun! Hahahaha!"

Me: "So it was your gun and not a snake?"

Isla: "NO! It was a snake but NOW it's a gun.  No, it was a gun the ho time!"

Me: "Wow that's crazy!"

Isla: "I know!"


Josie said...

I'm so glad you're writing again! I've missed reading your stories!!

Laine said...

Thanks Josie! It's nice to have a little time to write down some memories!