Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chicken Coop!

One of the alluring features to our new house was that it came with a chicken coop! Ta da! 
Kidding, while resourcefully made, its rather unsightly and close to being condemnable. We were able to use it for a couple of months until Jed had time to make a new one. 

He started work on it a couple weeks ago with his many helpers! 

And finished everything except the roof and painting within a week!  

This will hold up to 10 chickens!  Once the nights are warm enough for the ducklings to leave the brooding bin we plan to order more chicks!  I'm so excited! I want Cochins so bad!  

Crete and his ladies are quite happy with their new home! :) 

Now if only these girls would start laying eggs! 

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