Monday, April 14, 2014

Ford's Fourth!

My baby boy is growing up!  

His personality is really starting to shine through, now.  He's always been our most independent child and our quietest.  He's also very creative, tenderhearted and goofy.  We're pretty sure he's left handed and he loves to write letters and numbers on scrap pieces of paper.  He can usually be found playing Lego or coloring a picture.  He still has the most amazingly kissable cheeks, which I dread will disappear over the next year.  

 Happy Birthday Fordy! 

Can't wait to see what he'll do with these! 

Probably the most thoughtful gift given to Ford was from Seth. 
When we bought our first 4 chickens Ford chose Crete, which was fine until the girls started laying, since then he's been so sad that everyone gets their own eggs but him (eggs are kind of a big deal around here these days).  Seth, came to me one day a few weeks ago and asked if he could buy Ford a hen for his birthday.  So of course today we went to the feed store and Seth told Ford he could pick out his own chick!  

Of course we couldn't leave with just one chick! They had five different breeds to chose from so we decided to get one of each for each one of the kids!  

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