Monday, July 4, 2011

The Summer Of Silence

That's in reference to my blog not so much my life.

I don't think I've experienced actual silence in years.

Anyway, its time to end my blogging silence.

I dont have a whole lot to say though as life is pretty status quo.

In the last 2 weeks or so Seth has been brave enough to ditch his floaties in the pool. He's actually a fairly strong swimmer. Evan when he first started swimming looked more like he was drowning than swimming and it took forever for him to make any distance. Seth is faster w/ less thrashing.

Ford does not want to walk. He's as content as can be to crawl everywhere and resists any encouragement otherwise. He also still naps at least twice a day and sleeps sooo long at night. He's a such the "baby" of the family (at least for now :)).

We wont be going to our city's fireworks tonight. Why you ask? Kane is terrified of them(among other things). Last night I took the three older boys for an after dark swim. Just as we got in the pool a neighbor shot off one of the big fireworks above us. Kane lost it. We're talking epic meltdown. I lost some of my hearing from the screaming and got a few bruise while trying to give him a comforting hug. I'm not looking to repeat that little episode so we'll stay home for the third year in a row. :(

Fortunately for us though our neighbors usually put on a great show.

And to make it up to our boys Jed took them out on their first bike ride.

He's been waiting a long time for this!

Sethy's turn!

Kane has a long list of fears and since motorcycles are on that list he definitely wasn't going on a ride and would only come out of the house while the bike was gone.

Pure joy!

Happy 4th of July!

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