Monday, December 14, 2015

Unwanted Math Tutoring

Evan: Seth, I'm learning about Roman Numerals in math right now! Did you know that the letter M means 1000, C means 100 and L means 50?!!  

Seth: Ok.

Evan: Can you guess what X means?

Seth: I don't know... 5?

Evan: No, 10! 5 is V and I is 1! 

Seth: Cool.

Evan: So if you see XII what number do you think that is?

Seth: I don't know.

Evan: Come on try.

Seth: How should I know, I haven't learned this math yet.  

Evan: I'm trying to help you so when you're doing it next year you'll know.

Seth: Well, maybe I want it to be a surprise!

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