Saturday, November 22, 2014

County Fair

We hadn't been to a fair in a while, especially not one that had livestock so when Jed mentioned that the fair was in town we decided we had to go!  

It already cost a fortune to get in so we decided to skip the rides, eat some fried foods and check out the animals.  

First we hit up the small livestock barn.  The boys ran from cage to cage admiring the chickens and ducks.  We found the breeds that we have and looked at different breeds that we think we might like to get one day.  We also looked at the rabbits but I wasn't able to convince anyone but Ford that we should get some and then we saw the geese and turkeys.  

We've had chicks twice and they're still begging for more! 
We really hope to get a few Polish chickens in the future. 
The boys would love one of these but it's just not happening. 

Next we indulged in all the fried foods we could find.  I heart funnel cake.  

Their first stroller ride together! 

Last but certainly not least we visited the petting zoo.  This is the coolest petting zoo I've ever been to! Look at all those animals! 

Seth went to pet the llama and just as he touched it it began to stand up, it startled us both.  

Isla was hilarious, she was simultaneously thrilled and terrified. I finally calmed her down enough to pet this sheep but when it touched her she shrieked and ran away. There was a mini zebu calf in there that she kept calling Major and bossing him around, "Major, go away!" and "Major don't lick me!"  

We found an adult kangaroo in one corner that really didn't want anything to do with us but Ford made an effort to pet it anyway.  Then... 
We noticed the Joey in the other corner!  So cute!  The kids couldn't get enough and the sheep was pretty jealous.  

Isla was particularly fond of the joey, probably due to his inability to get out and follow her around.  

I basically had to drag the kids out of the petting zoo.  My back and hips were killing me so we watched a magic show and called it a day.  

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