Thursday, September 11, 2014


Isla watches me get ready everyday.  She wants to brush her teeth, put on deodorant, gel her hair and put on eyeliner whenever I do. This has been a new experience for me as the boys have usually resisted my efforts to ingrain personal hygene into their daily routine. :) 

  A few days ago I sat her up on the bathroom counter where she found my makeup bag filled with things I rarely ever use.  She oohed and ahhed over eye shadow, lipstain and blush, it cracked me up.  I decided to put some on her just to see her reaction when she saw herself in the mirror. Although she was happy to comply it was still no easy task applying eye shadow to a squirmy 2 year old! When I had finished I turned her around and watched her face light up.  She loved it!  Once she was able to pry herself away from the mirror she ran off to find her hat, then she made me put her up in front of the mirror again.  

Too bad she hates having her picture taken (although she loves looking at pictures of herself later, go figure!) so these are the best I could get.  

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josiecarrell said...

Love this!! My boys have always loved watching me put makeup on too. I used to let them wear very sheer sparkly colours. They thought it was awesome. And I did too. Anyways love this.