Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Day

I took the boys strawberry picking for the very first time!   
We had so much fun! 

Evan and Seth were basket filling machines.  Every time I turned around they had filled another one! 


Kane was kind of a wild card, I'm pretty sure he purposely filled his basket with rotten berries just to mess with me.  

And Ford was his usual neurotic self.  His picked a red berry that was squishy and rotten, freaked him right out.  He decided, without mentioning it to me, that only the white and green berries should be picked.  Thankfully he's a slow picker.  After talking him off his red strawberry, hating ledge, I showed him that they weren't all yucky and he could easily test them before he picked.  He was content until he touched a dirty one while he tried to get the dirt off he noticed more on his shoes, that's when the panic set in.  We left soon after that.  

But not before we picked an obscene amount of berries! 

Jed stayed home and had a party with these ladies. 

When we got home we sorted the berries into cook, eat and eat immediately piles.  While tackled the third pile, I started work on a pie. Then I remembered that we're officially a, 2 pie minimum family,  and rolling out that many crusts is labor intensive.  Instead I made a crisp, in a 9x13 pan.   


By evening, it looked like this!  I guess maybe we're a, two crisp minimum family, now, too. 

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