Sunday, September 22, 2013

Water Park Fun

This past week we met Tracy and Oakley at a campground with a water park.

It wasn't quite as great as I thought it would be but we still had fun!  

The biggest disappointment was that the swim to the slide was too far for the boys to make it out there by themselves and even if it hadn't been there were large fish that would have kept them from going!  

So instead we found a sandy hill that went right into the water and the boys ran up and down it!  

Sweet Oakley!  Neither he or Isla were in the mood to play in the water which was a bummer. 

These guys had a blast though! 

Isla worked a little on her tan. 

It's a rare to find a hill in Florida! 

Maybe that's why my kids aren't that skilled at traversing them! 

Two down! 

At least they had a good sense of humor about it!

With his sandy beard the boys all thought Evan looked like their Uncle Jay! 


 Over and over and over again. 

Even Isla face planted! 

I tried to get the boys to take a group shot but it didn't go so well. 

Nevermind guys! 

This was right before Isla warmed up to the water and went wild, seriously I had to put down my camera and my phone so I could focus on her!  She was determined to charge right into the water and go under!  She came up coughing, sputtering water and laughing!  The highlight was swinging her around in the water, splashing and listening to her giggle and squeal, "MOOORRREEE!"  whenever we stopped.   

She threw a fit when I put her in her car seat and she realized we were leaving but with in seconds fell sound asleep.  

Ford followed suit soon after. 

All in all a great day! 

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