Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goodbye Regis

So animal control ended up in our backyard.  

One of our neighbors who doesn't live on the pond called because she was afraid for her dog. -__-  

I have mixed emotions about the whole thing.  

We enjoyed watching Reeg, live life in the pond. 

Unlike what some people imagine, alligators don't prowl around on land looking for people or dogs, to attack.  They're pretty afraid of us.  

Eventually though I probably would have felt he was too big.  My neighbor just felt that way much, much sooner than I did.  

So adios Reeg!

The trapper used a special fishing pole with extra large hooks to snag the gator. She said she hooked Regis' lower leg.  

I missed the actual capture while I was picking Evan up at school.  So I don't know what happened after she reeled him in.  I wish I had seen it though! 

I asked if we could get a look at him in her truck before she took of with him. She had a second, smaller gator she had captured in another neighborhood.   

She pulled him out and gave the boys a closer look.  

Pretty cool. 

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