Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Week

Of lunch monitoring!

While it's not my favorite week (due to missing naps) it certainly is the kid's!  
I can't blame them!    

Our first day it rained so we had lunch inside so of course this happened. 

Then some kind of leap frog/ crab walk thing happened.  

That blur would be Ford. 

Day two was a chilly hour outside.  Really mom, another day with these crazy kids? 

Dodge ball time baby!

Isla and Julia 

If you look closely you'll see the kid in the background that's climbing the tree with a rope.  

And here's one trying to get to the roof. Yeah, they kept me busy. 
Giving Fordy a ride! 

Adorable Callie! 

Mom, can we do this again next week?  

Um... no! Is it nap time yet?!  

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