Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flame Dude

Last week a cardinal flew into our screened in back porch.  It must have injured itself when going through the small hole in the screen because we discovered it couldn't fly.  Evan caught it, to let it go and let me tell you those things are vicious!  It bit him and Kane several times!  Finally we released it in the backyard but it could only hop from bush to bush.  Eventually it ended up back by our porch and we let it in for the night so it wouldn't be eaten by another animal.

Evan named him Flame Dude

In the morning the boys went out to check on him.  I was relieved when they reported that he could fly again!  I went out to prop the door open and help encourage him to fly out, hoping to avoid more bite injuries when I realized that there was actually a second cardinal in our porch and it was this one that flew not Flame Dude!   What the heck?!  

Seth named Flame Dudes buddy, Red Dasher.  

We propped the door open to let them leave, and they did but that hasn't stopped them from trying to get back in! Crazy birds! 

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