Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Emergency?

Around here I've teaching the younger two how to handle emergency situations. 

  Last week we discussed what to do if we had a fire in the house.  A somewhat  disturbing bit of information I gleaned from doing this was, Kane has thought about and assessed the injuries he'd incur if he tried to sneak out of our home by jumping out of his second story bedroom window.  Sweet. 

So today we talked about what to do if something should happen to me during the day.  We went through the protocol.  

I, fall down. 

Boys try to wake me up.

I am unresponsive.

Call, 911 or daddy. 

After talking about the plan for a bit we worked on them memorizing our address.  

Finally I did a surprise roll play.  

I fell down.  Both boys yelled my name, pushed me around a bit and then Kane ran away.  I rolled over  to stop him before he dialed 911 only to see him pick up the TV remote while saying to Ford, "Now we can watch more Rescue Bots."  When he saw me looking at him, he smiled and said, "Mom, don't worry I was going to call dad afterward." 

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