Friday, February 22, 2013

Crazy Hair Day

The boy's school had their first, "Crazy Hair or Hat" day.  The boys were excited.  We got out the Gorilla Snot and the coloring hair sprays and went to town!  

Then I drove them to school and forgot to take a picture.  Oops.  

I remedied that by taking some afterward but the colors were less dramatic.  Oh well. 

Evan just had his hair buzzed a couple weeks ago so there wasn't much to work with but we did what we could.  He chose green.  

For Seth, we did four spikes and alternated blue and green.  

Kane post nap.  He had a faux-hawk and stripes of blue and green but the kid sweats like crazy when he sleeps so most of that melted away.  

Group shot in the glaring sun. 

 Oh did I mention that Ford has a fever? He didn't want to do his hair but he wanted his picture taken but then he wouldn't look at the camera, you know the uzh, for a two year old.

And there you have it, Crazy Hair Day.  
Go Knights!  

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