Tuesday, February 12, 2013

24 Hours

(This was written Friday morning but I forgot to post it as life once again got busy. Warning: This post is Retina burning long. Don't say I didn't warn you!)

I should have known that it was going to be a rough day, when I dropped the older two boys at school and found that for the second time in a week one of them had forgotten their backpacks.  

After circling back home, picking up said backpack, and finally dropping off the forgetful child, the younger 3 and I went home and settled into our routine.  

We had a normal morning, hung out, did some chores, had snack, watched some tv, played upstairs, ect.  Joy even stopped by for a pleasant visit!  

Nap time. 

Joy left.

They decided they didn't need a nap and got up after only 30 minutes. 

Despite the lack of nap, we had an ok afternoon.  

We picked up Evan from school and headed into town to run a few errands.  We hit up the craft store first. Isla and Ford were in the cart.  

When one of the older three gets a little out of control their consequence is a loss of freedom, first they are required to hold onto the cart, then they have to go in the cart (if there's room) and finally we leave.  

Seth lost his freedom, and taking his punishment to a slightly dramatic level, attempted to hitch a ride on the cart, thus almost tipping it over.  I was able to save it in time.  We headed for the check out and the car.  Ironically while checking out the cashier told me how well behaved my children were.  Hahahaha! 

Then it was off to the thrift store.  Evan is in need of pants and shorts.  Ford and Kane were in the cart this time while I held Isla.   

I instructed Kane and Ford they were to sit in the cart, no standing.  I turned my back on them to look through racks of clothing and within seconds I saw in my peripheral vision that they were standing and both reaching for a rack of tshirts before I could say anything, there was a loud bang.  The cart was on it's side, with my children buried in clothes. 

I gave Isla to Evan, pulled the cart away from the heap of children and clothes, then pulled my stunned preschoolers out next, did a quick check for injuries to discover them unscathed, checked the rack for damage, to find it also unscathed and all of the clothes still on hangers, before picking up the cart. 

I took Isla back from Evan, grabbed Ford's hand and told Kane to grab Ford's.  Evan and Seth knew that mommy was not in the best place and quietly followed me out of the store without a word.  Kane was oblivious though, 

Kane: (in the most incredulous tone) "Mom, did you see that?"

Me: (not speaking trying to stay calm.)

Kane: "Mom, how did that cart tip over on it's own?"

Me: "Kane, stop talking."

Kane: (realizing he was in trouble) "Um, mom did you see my knees, ooo, eee, they hurt pretty bad, look at them they're red. Ford, buddy are you ok?" (Ford doesn't respond, still in silent shock)

Me: (glances at Kane's knees, to find NOTHING) "Kane don't speak again." Giving him the "death glare". 

I put them all in the van and stood outside for a little bit to calm down, if ever there was a time to take up smoking, this would have been it! 

Jed met us there, his work wasn't too far away from where we were and we were planning to meet to go out to dinner.  

Dinner was pleasant. 

Jed took the 2 little boys home in his car while I took the 2 older boys and Isla grocery shopping. 

It was uneventful until I was loading our groceries in the van and I realized that my 8 year old, totally unaware of his surroundings, was dancing in the middle of the parking lot.  Thankfully no one tried to run him down.  

Home. Bedtime. Morning. 

 Jed had to leave early to pick up doughnuts for a farewell part for the last day of one of his employees. 

Ford was moody so I was sitting on the couch snuggling him, while his brothers got ready for school and played.  Isla was crawling around when her hand slipped and she hit her face on the tile.  

She's a little more sensitive to being startled and to injuries than my boys were at her age.  Put the two together and it's one epic meltdown.  

I set Ford aside to pick her up and comfort her but she wasn't making any noise so I didn't think it was going to be too big a deal.  However when I got to her, I saw that she her face was set in "silent scream" mode and she was bright red, she wasn't breathing therefore not making noise.  

She turned a lovely shade of purple, her eyes rolled back, and closed.  She took a couple of big breaths, a few seconds passed and she opened her eyes. At this point, even though I was sure she was physically fine I started to freak out.  Briefly stunned she looked around and then remembered that she should be crying and went back to sobbing.  I held her while she screamed, cried, whimpered, and sniffled it all out.  I may have been crying a little as well. 

We calmed down, I gave her breakfast, loaded everyone into the van, and made our way to school.  

No one forgot their backpack today!  Yay! 

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