Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Another Day in the Life of Kane

Tuesday night, just before bed, we sent the boys upstairs to clean up their toy room.  Jed was working from home and I was beginning to decorate for Halloween.  

Since no one was watching Kane decided this was the perfect time to swallow a toy.  Surprised that it hurt his throat going down he let out a yell and began crying. 

 It took us about 10 minutes to get him to confess what he had done and for him to show us the matching tire to the one he had swallowed.  
Of course it has a broken, pointy, metal axle, of course. 

So after calling my sister in law to ask her advice (she works at our local hospital and doesn't recommend taking a child there unless, "they are bleeding out and going to die.") we decided I would take him to the "big city" hospital with a peds. floor while Jed stayed home with the other four kids.  

It really wasn't a terrible experience, we were there for about 3 hours and my awesome sister and her boyfriend hung out with us to help pass the time.  

They took some x-rays that showed that there wasn't metal inside of him, meaning the tire he swallowed probably didn't have any of the axle still attached to it!  Woohoo!  

We were sent home to wait for the tire to pass.

Fun times.  

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