Thursday, November 1, 2012


Another year another Halloween.   
This year we chose to do a Lorax theme. 

Kane as the Lorax, Evan as the Once Ler and Seth as one of the bears, Pipsqueak.  

Although it was a little rushed at the end due to a unexpected trip to the ER with Kane, it was so much fun planning and pulling their costumes together!  

Isla was a lobster and Ford was Eeyore again. Ford's not upset about being Eeyore for the second year in a row, no he's upset because we put socks on him and he hates socks.  Yay! 

Some how we were able to squeeze in some pumpkin carving in between when Jed got home from work and when Jay, Jamie and crew came over for dinner and trick or treating. 

  Nice work babe! 

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