Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boots and Elves

I splurged and bought myself a pair of new boots.  I don't usually buy things like this because my life is just more flip flop than boot friendly.  However I really liked these and I found them for less than $40!  

When they arrived in the mail I pulled them out of the box and went into our closet to try them on.   I saw/heard the boys standing in my bedroom spying on me.  

While I was zipping them up I overheard this, 

 "Mom really looks like an elf now!" "Yeah maybe she is one, ask." "You ask." *giggling* 

Um, so I "really look like and elf now" implies that I looked some what like an elf pre-boots. Sweet.

Oh well, I'm happy with my purchase! 

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