Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer School

Evan and Seth have workbooks to go through this summer for school.  It's not mandatory but encouraged.  There's a surprise reward if they turn them in finished on the first day of school.  They really want that reward so it's not shocking to find them at the kitchen table working away.  

There are a few hands on experiments in the Science section of Evan's book that required my help.  We decided to tackle one last week.  It was on taste, specifically taste mapping the tongue.

I admit, I was kind of in auto pilot as we gathered the supplies needed and began the activity.

While Evan was writing what he discovered after tasting sugar, it dawned on me that taste mapping didn't seem legit.  In fact it screamed, "myth" so I did what anyone seeking the truth does, I googled it.   

According to Wikipedia, and all the other sites that came up on the search engine, my hunch was correct, taste mapping is the stuff of folklore.

Curriculum fail!

Oh well, we made the best of it, experimenting with mixing different flavors together.  We even had Seth and Kane join us in the fun!

Say cheese boys! Evan, photo bombs.  Kane, at the tail end a meltdown. Seth, forces smile.  Perfection.

Mixing cocoa and sugar in water to make "hot chocolate".

Lemon juice, sugar and water for some lemonade.

Messes were made, good times were had, and I conveniently disappeared when it came time to try their concoctions but I heard they were delish.  

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