Friday, July 20, 2012

A Fordy Update

"Hi mama."

"Iiiiiiii, poop!" (He says this to let me know he has a dirty diaper.)  

"Hep!" (Help) 

"Hi bebe!"

"No way!"

"Ahh Ssss ma!" (Hulk Smash!) 

I wish I could share his little nasally voice and dead on inflections, its adorable. 

Ford still doesn't talk a whole lot.  However after sitting down with him on a few occasions, insisting he work with me on repeating sounds and words we're making progress. 

While Ford isn't much of a talker, he's big into imagination. Unlike his brothers he regularly escapes into the toy room to make believe.  I hear a lot of, "vrooms", "choo choos","bang, bangs" and of course giggles.  Today he found one of Isla's blankets, wrapped himself up in it and insisted we all treat him like a baby, including calling him, "Baby Fordster."  

Here he is impersonating the Hulk.  
  "Hulk Smash!"  

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