Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Time to help daddy carve the pumpkins! 

 The big boys are old pros at digging out the seeds. 

 Plus there's the added incentive of the roasted seeds later! Yum!  

 It was however Ford's first go.  He wasn't easily convinced to participate. 

 "Fine I'll try it." 

 "Oh man...

 ... ugh I just cant bring myself to do it!!" 

 Finally, at least he didn't cry!

 No persuasion necessary for this kid! 

I stenciled on our designs for our big pumpkins then Jed carved them.  We gave each one of the boys a little pumpkin to paint.  I'll share those pictures later.

Halloween Day!  

Evan and Seth had a big party at school, they were asked to come dressed in some kind of sports gear.  It almost killed Jed to get them the Gators uniforms but its the price we pay for living in sunny Florida.  We found these locally, it was like 3 times as much to order Michigan uniforms online. 

 As you can see they were more than happy to be Gators, to them they're simply representing giant reptiles. 

Most years we've hung out at our house and trick or treated in our neighborhood but this year with life being so hectic (two boys in school with different schedules and Jed working crazy overtime) we just weren't in a very Halloweeny mood.  So we were thankful when friends invited us to their Halloween party in their big subdivision with houses that are very close together!  Thank you Mark and Adrienne!  

The boys had a blast!  We could barely keep up with them which is why I have zero pictures of them trick or treating. Oh well.

And here's the loot!  

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