Friday, November 18, 2011

14 Weeks

Tuesday was both the 14 week mark in my pregnancy and my first prenatal appointment. I had to take Kane and Ford with me to the appointment which isn't ideal but worked out fine.  Kane kept asking my midwife if she could take the baby out, now.  He's a little jazzed about having another baby in the house!  

Ford spent most of the appointment happily playing with toys on ground, that is until the doppler was turned on.  He did not like the weird noise it made and he was especially displeased to see me laying down with the wand on my belly!  He became very protective, having to sit next to me and watching closely every move the midwife made.  Ironically he was not nearly as concerned or vigilant during the blood draw, you know the part where I actually stabbed by a point metal object.  I guess he's one, I'll cut him some slack.  

 Over all it was a good appointment, (potential TMI here)  I have a tilted uterus which makes it difficult in the first few months to find the heartbeat.  We found it for a brief moment before the baby scooted off.  Although the midwife had a hard time hearing the heartbeat, she could hear plenty of movement.

Funny side note, right before I found out I was pregnant with Evan I had some "female issues" as my husband puts it and went to the gyno, which is when I was first informed that my uterus was tilted.  The doctor then told me that because of my condition I'd have an extremely hard time getting pregnant if I was able to get pregnant at all.  Bahahaha!  Oh silly silly doctor.

Anyway, I'm happy that the baby is healthy and happy in there!

I think I'm going to go take a nap!  

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