Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Patch and Monster Picture Post

We took the boys to our favorite pumpkin patch Sunday.  It was the perfect weekend to do it as the weather has finally started to cool off.  We spent two glorious hours outside without sweating! Woot!  Anyway, we went to the same place as last year, with the pony rides, petting zoo, zip line (I couldn't talk Jed into letting Evan do it, boo hiss, Jed,  boo hiss! :)) and train rides.  

Seth chose to ride the full size horse this year instead of the pony!  Evan after much nervous hemming and hawing also chose the horse, although it ultimately came down to impatience, there was only one pony while there were multiple horses so the line was shorter!  Instant gratification trumps fear, I guess.

 "Daddy throw me into the hay please!"

Brave Sethy!

Kane loved the pony!

Evan's nervous, cheesy smile.

The newest attraction, the bounce pillow.

Ford is too little for this one so he just watched.

 The boys are big fans!

"Take a picture of us bouncing together!"


 Ford got bored of watching and did this.

Oh, and now he's eating it.  Um, daddy, where are you?!

Taking a much needed break.

Onto the petting zoo, where the cutest little baby goats were roaming around!

Kane and Ford were beside themselves with excitement!

So sweet.

Then Ford followed this one under the rabbit cage and proceeded to collect and attempted to eat the poo.  Dirt, poo, this kid has no standards.

Poor boy, his parents wont let him eat feces.

Last but not least, the spider train!

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