Friday, October 28, 2011

Group Photo... Nevermind

I haven't used my camera since Kane's birthday and even then because we were in the tomb that is our dining room I had it set to Automatic opposed to Manuel.  I was a little out of practice when we arrived at the pumpkin patch, so much so that when all my pictures were coming out blurry and I couldn't get my lens to focus on ANYTHING, I almost gave up.  Fortunately my level headed husband was there and recommended I check the setting on my lens.  Sure enough, it was set to manual focus instead of auto focus! Duh, Laine! 

Unfortunately there isn't a quick button that fixes the stress of trying to wrangle four very excited boys at a  crowded farm!  

 All that to say this what we came away with,

  See Kane, he looks like he's posing but he's actually smiling because he's about to get away with knocking over as many pumpkins as possible.  He lost his last pony ride privilege for that one.  

I told them all to hug the pumpkin in the middle. Why is the 18 month old the only one following directions...? 

Filthy boy!  

While the big brothers went on another horsey ride we took pictures.  Kane decided to give Ford a little side hug.  

Ford is big on personal space though. 

While Kane's love language is physical touch... they don't get each other.

Side note: I'm praying for special and understanding wives for these two!  

Individual pictures are probably a better idea. 

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