Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Evan was Kane's age, Jed and I would go over names of objects with him, and sometimes the way he pronounced the word would make us laugh or it was just too cute so we'd all call it whatever he did. Like when he was 18 months he called "fish", "boof" and "bike", "kicks", ect.

As he got older his words got closer to the actual words. Like "remote" became "eh-mote". So the other day Kane brought me an old remote he was using as a phone and wanted me to play with him and I said something like, "Oh thank you for the eh-mote?" Kane told me matter of factly, "Mama, it rah-mote controw."

Ok, Kane I'll remember that for next time, thanks!

In my spare time I enjoy reading blogs. Such as at night when Jed is watching a "man" show or when the boys are napping or whatever. I find myself drawn to adoption blogs, big family blogs( as in more than 6 kids), and homeschooling blogs. I'm fascinated and inspired by families that choose these paths! Two that I've found recently are, This family has 3 biological sons and four adopted daughters with special needs from two different countries. AH-MAZING! I dont agree with everything on this blog but I have been challenged by the author as a wife and mom!

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