Saturday, October 16, 2010


That I am not. However I have a 4 year old who might be... I was pulling out my clothes for the day when Seth walked into my room and climbed on the bed.

Seth: "Mom."

Me: "What's up Doodles?"

Seth: "I just wanted to come in and help you pick out your shirt."

Me: "Really?"

Seth: "Now, you take out two shirts and hold them up for me to look at and I'll tell you which one you can wear. If I dont like either of them you can take out more. Ok?"

Me: "Uhh....."

Seth: "Show me some shirts!"

Me: (Pulls out one green shirt and holds it up)

Seth: "Um, no."

Me: (Holds up a pink shirt.)

Seth: "I love it! Thats the one you can wear."

Me: "Really its a tank top and its kind of cold today."

Seth: "Its pink so it will make you look beautiful."

Me: "Ok well, you've gotta head out so I can get in the shower now. Thanks for helping me!"

Seth: "Your welcome." (Hops down and leaves)

And yes I wore the tank top even though it was a little chilly. How could I not?

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