Monday, October 18, 2010


I've decided to add a special category to my blog as it seems to be a favorite of some of my readers (Hi Katie!) and they happen frequently! Awkward Conversations with my Kids*

On our way out of Evan's school the other day we ran into his music teacher thus leading to the following conversation.

Evan: "I know you! I know where you're from!"

MT: "You do?" (Smiling thinking that Evan knows where he lived before moving to Florida.)

Evan: "Yes, you're from music class." (He was nervous and mumbled even more than usual)

MT: "No, I'm from Michigan." (Looking puzzled and not understanding what Evan had said.)

Evan: "No you're not! You're from music class."

MT: (looks at me, confused, still not understanding much of what Evan said.)

Me: "He said that you're from music class, he thinks that teachers live in their classrooms."

MT: "Oh." (Doesnt find the humor in the misunderstanding.)

Me: "Kids!" (Laughing awkwardly and trying to herd my children out the door as quickly as possible.)


Katie said...

YES!! Love the new blog feature!! :)

~*~Jeny~*~ said...

Love it!!
Ranks right up there with Mackenzie's comment at the breakfast table about how only birth mommies make milk.
Love the stuff they say!